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Its nice to your site, I think its wonderful and interesting not only for kids but their parents too. May Almighty Allah bless all of us in this world and the world hereafter

M. Hanif Khurram
It is good start for Urdu and kids specially Indo Pak region

Haji Ghulamshah Nizamani
This is a great site and a needed one as our language is declining. We need such stuff to revive our language ...great work!!

Miss Khan
Alhamdulilla this is a great site for paki specially muslim kids. The site design, navigation and layout is very nice and hope it will be attractive for kids as well. Content quality and collection is also aweosome. This type of projects should be countinued and promoted. But please dont ruin its beauty with lots of advitisment panes as other paki sites do. All I can say that I live your site and you all did a great job. Keep it up. May God bless you all. One Suggestion: Please increase the width of this TextArea "Aap Ki Rae". Thank you

Muhammad Zeeshan
Ibtida.com is a wonderful site. I found it very informative and my kids love to hear stories from it. Living in America, these kind of sites are a blessing for us Pakistanis.Keep it up!!!

Najam Mehmood
The is great step for the children welfare that you start the amazing site. I recommend this excellent and informative site to all my family members and kids. again thanks for awesome contribution

Abdul Raheem
Meray khyal se ye aik buhut achha project hay. Laikin mujhay zyada khushi hoti agar mein ye raye urdu ke rasm ul khat mein hi likh raha hota. Mein janta huun angrezi kay typewriter se urdu likhna koi asan kaam nahi hay. Laikin hum pakistaniyon ke liyay apni zuban kisi bhi zariyay se likhna mushkil nahi honi chahiye. Har cheez ki aik "Ibtada" hota hay. Aur computer par urdu type karna humain practice se hi aye gi. Meray khyal se shru shru mein agar aap log dono english aur urdu rasm ul khat likhnay ki user option dein to ye behtar ho ga... Shukriya aur Allah Nighebaan

Hammad Ali
it look intresting site home page looks cool but it was better if i look like really cool becoz home page gives impression as this site is designed for kids? is this 4 kids only? so change the outlook of home page.

assalamoaliakum, i am very happy to see this web site, its v nice , specially for oversease pakistanies, i want to request a song its sung by moa sisters, jana tujh ko day kay jana, its mili naghma, if u can find it, i shall b v thankful to u, once again congratulation on so informative web site, its v good for kids. keep it up with best wishes

Only a few people can change the life of others and bring revolution. I am vary happy to see you people take initiative to make the urdu as universal language. I hope you will get your aims. I pray God succeed you.

Muhammad Awais Bhatti

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